Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does $149 Package mean for one exam or all exams?

A: $149 Package buys access to over 4500 PDF files which include all the exam files. You don't pay $149 each month or year. It is a one-time payment which buys access to downloads and updates forever. That's hundreds of dollars of savings for you.

Q: Do I have to buy anything else other than pay the one-time package price?

A: No. Once your card is charged for $149, you can log in using your order number whenever you wish and download any exam. There will be a small maintenance fee of $39.99 which will be paid yearly . This fee will start one year after the Order.

Q: Do I have limited time or days to get all files I need?

A: No. You have unlimited time and downloads available. There's no time limit on when you can get a file. Whenever you wish, you can login and download any PDF.

Q: Are all files in PDF format?

A: No, We have test engines , Audio Guides and study guides in addition to Q&As for one price of $149 only.

Q: How often are the files updated?

A: We monitor sites, trends and question pools on a weekly basis and each file is checked for accuracy, corrections, updates and new questions weekly. If no new content is needed, the file is left intact from its previous version.

Q: Is there a guarantee of me passing?

A: Of course. Our questions and answers will let you pass the real exam. If this material cannot do it, then probably nothing else can.

Q: Can I see any sample downloads before I buy the lifetime access package?

A: Sure. Get samples from our Samples page !.

Q: What does Alpos Sell Anyway?

A: We sell the most current and real versions of the exams you are looking for. You study with the most realistic material, and pass the exams guaranteed. Alpos has made it simple for you to access all the latest ExamCheatSheets with all correct answers and applicable explanations by the most experienced trainers from around the world.

Q: What is included in the $149 Price

Basically Any Certification Exam You may be taking now is Included Here in the $149 Package. Certification files included in the Package are: All MCSE Core, Electives, Design Exams All MCSA files All upcoming Windows 2003 exams All 10 Comptia Certifications All of Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE All of Cisco new certs such as Security exams All Oracle All Sun Microsystems All CIW All Citrix All CheckPoint All CISSP All Linux and Lotus And any more that will be released in future. ALL are part of the $149 Package! Start the Ordering Process Now

Q: Do I Get All The Updates for Life ?

Yes. You get the entire suite which includes all the major certification exams, plus any additions in future. You may download any exam as many times as you like. There are no download or time restrictions. We also provide you with your latest alpos exams IMMEDIATELY, and then you will have access to all updates of each certification exam forever. To Access latest updates, you would just log in and check for updated version numbers.

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